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Homemade bait has been helping Nev land record numbers of carp and catfish ever since he started making them in Liverpool, England over three decades ago.

Through years of rigorous field testing in all conditions across Texas, we've confirmed each and every flavor of corn, chickpea, boilie, pop up and glug will result in catching larger numbers of wild Common Carp, Smallmouth Buffalo Carp, Grass Carp, Blue Catfish, Channel Catfish and Flathead Catfishh compared to other bait products.


That's our "No Bollocks" Guarantee, and we're sticking to it!

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“Caught my personal best (44 pounds) on their Pineapple Ice Cream boillie/glug combo." 

— Ron Cortez, Texas


“The quality of the bait is unreal. Neville knows what he’s doing and it shows. Have caught my PB Carp and Catfish on his baits.”

— Brandon Swindell, Texas